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Construction Consulting Services for Attorneys

Construction Consulting Services for Attorneys

Construction, Personal Injury, Insurance Claims & Real Estate Disclosure

Construction – General and Trade Specific

Over 39 years of combined construction and insurance industry experience, beginning with apprenticeship under a master carpenter at Long Beach City College. Obtained a California (B) General Building Contractors’ License (1976) and subsequent General Electrical (C- 10), Fencing (C-13), Flooring (C-15), Lathing & Plastering (C-35) and Roofing (C-39) licenses as well as general contractor licenses in Arizona.

Construction Defectsattorney_construction_defect

Since 1993 we have provided litigation support in equal measure to both the plaintiff and defense bar on a variety of issues from the simple window leak to complex construction defects in high rise buildings. We crawl under buildings and climb on top of roofs. We poke inside walls as well as search building department records. All that and more in the effort to bring logical, economical and timely solutions to the issues at hand.

Insurance Claims – Property, Casualty & Liability


We perform residential and commercial inspections, specializing in evaluation of construction related product and property damage cause, origin, duration, extent, and determination of scope and cost to repair, including, in part: Water, fire, earthquake, wind, vandalism, mold, negligence, subrogation and liability, reconstruction and replacement cost, construction documentation, code and safety requirements, performance and completion responsibility, real estate disclosure, general contractor and subcontractor responsibility, normal and customary industry standards and practices.

Real Estate Disclosure

For nearly two decades XL Services has been engaged by both defendants and plaintiffs to investigate and provide opinions on construction issues relating to the California Disclosures Required of Seller and/or a Real Estate Broker/Agent (under Transfer and Financing of Real Property) more commonly as the reporting requirements in the Transfer Disclosure Statement. Be it hidden water damage that was painted over prior to the sale of the property, or the open and obvious items that should have been pointed out by the real estate sales person, or the honest oversight of someone stressed out by the ordeal of selling the property, our firm, with over 39 years in the construction and insurance industries, has investigated scores of such cases.

Personal Injury


Personal injuries can occur almost anywhere a person works, lives, travels, visits, or parks their car.  XL Services investigates all personal injury type claims where a person or persons were injured at a construction site, building, sidewalk, parking lot, material handling system, and where the injury may relate to ADA violation, OSHA regulations, premises liability, and habitability.  Our work includes testing for: coefficient of friction, light level, door pressure, sound level, surface safety, product failure. We investigate building code violations/conformance based on current and historical data going back to 1927.  We will investigate violations/conformance to various local, state and federal regulations as well as best practices for equipment operation, OSHA safety regulations and codes of standards.

As court recognized experts in the area of personal injury we provide critical analysis and opinions regarding cause, origin, duration and cost to repair.

Human factor and kinesiologists often rely on our expert analysis of the physical conditions at a site or structure to prepare their opinions regarding the human action leading to the accident. From various slip and fall claims to the tragic wrongful death accidents we provide sensitive and thorough examination of the facts based on decades of experience, knowledge and resources.