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Court Recognized Expert Witness

 Proven Construction Expert Testimony in Los Angeles

Expert WitnessProven Construction Expert Witness in Los Angeles

Xl Services has provided testimony as an expert witness in over 100 cases including: superior courts, federal court, and arbitration for plaintiffs and defendants since 1993.

We will apply our professionalism to produce the best possible results for you too. From the detection of the source of the problem, during the investigative and report writing stages, through preparation for and then participation in mediation, deposition or trial testimony we are organized, prepared, available, authoritative, resourceful, on time and bill honestly.

We gather and protect evidence with chain of custody documentation. What’s important to you, what’s important to your case, is important to us. We are passionate about the pursuit of justice and conduct ourselves with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. In 1993 our founder articulated his personal motto his way.


Qualified in Superior Court to give Expert Testify on a Variety of Issues Including:

  • Contractor’s standard of care
  • Trade specific contractor performance issues
  • Business practices including record keeping
  • Delay claims
  • Business & Professions Code as they relate to construction
  • Construction scheduling
  • Building codes
  • Construction damages and costs
  • Construction defects
  • Earthquake damages
  • Mold recognition including cause and origin
  • Water intrusion cause and origin
  • Real estate disclosure and hidden damage
  • Fire, smoke, water, termite, and wood rot restoration
  • Anticipated and customary wear and tear
  • Shopping mall and retail center premises maintenance and safety
  • Safety standards
  • Power tool safety
  • Scaffolding safety
  • OSHA regulations
  • ADR Regulations
  • Variety of Personal Injury Cases


Court Appearances as Qualified Expert

Your Proven Construction Expert Witness in Los Angeles

Your Court Recognized Personal Injury and Construction Expert Witness in Los Angeles


Variety of Structure Types Including:

  • Single & multi family residence
  • Restaurant
  • All styles of commercial buildings
  • Courthouse
  • Hotel
  • Office building
  • Museum
  • Site development
  • Manufactured versus modular homes


Qualified in Federal Court to testify on issues dealing with insurance premiums as they relate to contractors and developers.