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Client Testimonials

Counselor at Law

I want to personally thank you very much for all that you did for my clients, and for me. Your assessments regarding the realities of these kinds of cases were invaluable to me, and I would certainly turn to you in the future.

Counselor at Law

In comparison to the many, many construction experts I have deposed over the years, Mr. Vardi is absolutely at the top.  Counselor at Law “The case did resolve and I really can’t thank you enough… I think a large part of it resolving was because of your deposition testimony and your work…” “performed superbly,” “success ratio with Dr. Vardi is 5 wins, 0 losses.

Judge of the Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento

The court credits the testimony of Gidon Vardi over… a licensed civil engineer and tripometrist.

Counselor at Law

Our firm has used Mr. Vardi and XL Services as an expert witness and consultant for almost 20 years. We have used him as a consultant and as an expert witness at trial. He is professional, smart, articulate, and provides suburb advice.


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