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Construction Related Insurance Adjusters

Construction Related Insurance Adjusters

Insurance AdjusterConstruction

An Insurance Adjuster covers multiple areas. With over 39 years of combined construction and insurance industry experience. Apprenticeship with a master carpenter at Long Beach City College. Obtained a California (B) General Building Contractors’ License (1976) and subsequent General Electrical (C- 10), Fencing (C-13), Flooring (C-15), Lathing & Plastering (C-35) and Roofing (C-39) licenses as well as general contractor licenses in Arizona.


Property and Casualty Claims

Our unique expertise lies at the nexus of the construction and insurance claim industries. In the course of Dr. Vardiʼs multi-decade career, he has handled thousands of insurance claims, initially as an independent adjuster and for the last two decades as a  Insurance Adjusterconstruction consultant. Insurance policy holders and carriers confidently rely on our thorough cause, origin and duration investigations; our verbal analysis and pictorially documented written reports; and our cost to repair estimates. Typical cases involve:

  • Fire, Smoke, Water, Wind, Vandalism, Burglary, Motor Vehicle Explosion, Earthquake, Fallen Tree, Collapse, Sonic Booms, Contents, Additional Living Expenses (ALE), or other issues
  • First and Third Party Claims – Slip, trip and falls, Premises liability, Personal Injuries


Cause, Origin and Duration

We have inquiring and solution-oriented minds for both residential and commercial losses, thorough inspection skills and always pursue cost effectiveness in all aspects of our work. With over 39 years of experience, continuing education, general contractor and construction trade licenses, and vast resources we are expert at detecting and resolving a wide range of construction defects, including but not limited to: Water intrusion/roofing, exterior and interior envelope evaluation, single incident or ongoing maintenance/neglect issues, building codes and standard of care compliance/violation assessment, ADA criteria, flooring (all types), lath and plaster, site work, concrete, masonry, framing, insulation, flashing and sheet metal, doors and windows, framing, drywall and more.


Subrogation Analysis

Many claims have the potential for subrogation. From product failure to hillside collapse due to a broken sprinkler pipe. XL Services provides investigation and testing services for both subrogation of and defense of property and casualty claims. We will provide through examination of the facts, provide solid conclusions, and, when requested, the cost associated with the damages caused by the action that lead to the claim. Our conclusions have been tested and held up in courts of law across California.


Insurance Appraisal

Umpire and appraiser related to insurance claims under California Insurance Code §2071, Appraisal. After the 1994 Northridge earthquake we provided damage assessment and cost to repair estimates to hundreds of residential and multi-unit commercial structures by serving as the party appraiser (50% insured, 50% insurer) and reached appraisal awards (settlement) in all of those matters. We continue to do this work today, most commonly as the Insurance Umpire, guiding opposing appraisers to reach a just settlement for the parties they represent.


Field Investigation

We perform residential and commercial inspections, specializing in evaluation of construction related product and property damage cause, origin, duration, extent, and determination of scope and cost to repair, including: Single incident or ongoing maintenance/neglect determinations, water intrusion, mold, negligence, subrogation and liability, reconstruction and replacement cost, construction documentation, code and safety requirements, performance and completion responsibility, real estate disclosure requirements, construction defects, general contractor and subcontractor responsibility, normal and customary industry standards and practices.


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