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Property Owners

Construction Consulting for Property Owners

ADA and Construction Code Advising and Auditingslippery_when_wet

As an ICC Certified Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner, we research and give expert opinions regarding code compliance, safety issues, and installation of accessibility related items. As your local, state and federal government code compliance /violation consultants we review plans, perform site inspections coefficient of friction testing, lighting tests and door pressure testing. We can help you avoid litigation with our Compliance Assurance Program for new, remodeled and restored construction. When your structure is occupied and open to the public, participate in our on-going compliance reviews. We can help you fulfill your responsibilities and avoid being sued. Other services are available to fit your needs.

Premises Liability

We provide commercial building standard of care and accident investigation for many unique and diverse circumstances, including but certainly not limited to: Residential and commercial habitability issues, malfunctioning security gates, improperly installed fences, utility box accessibility, improperly constructed fixed ladders, improperly installed parking bumpers; floor surface, door swing and lighting safety; and all kinds of installation failures which lead to personal injuries. Premises liability also includes maintenance personnel, personal injury claims.

Habitability Analysis

These cases often involve low income housing developments. Habitability analysis involves investigating and inspecting construction, pest control, sanitation, maintenance, frequency and quality of repair, number of occupants, path of travel, moisture levels, lighting levels, ADA and many other issues.

Maintenance Schedules and Protocol

We review, educate, and recommend specific maintenance schedules and standard of care practices when needed.

Site Inspectionproperty_owners_site_inspection

We perform residential and commercial inspections, specializing in evaluation of construction related product and property damage cause, origin, duration, extent, and determination of scope and cost to repair,: Single incident or ongoing maintenance/neglect determinations, water intrusion, mold, negligence, subrogation and liability, reconstruction and replacement cost, construction documentation, code and safety requirements, performance and completion responsibility, real estate disclosure requirements, construction defects, general contractor and subcontractor responsibility, normal and customary industry standards and practices.

Accident Investigation

As court recognized experts in the area of personal injury we provide critical analysis in determining cause and origin, building code compliance, and premises liability. We provide services that include coefficient of friction testing, light level testing, construction standards, and OSHA compliance. Human factor and kinesiologists often rely on our expert analysis of the physical conditions at a site or to prepare their opinions regarding the human action leading to the accident. From various slip and fall claims to the tragic wrongful death accidents we provide sensitive and thorough examination of the facts based on decades of experience.

Building Department Liason

As certified building inspectors in multiple disciplines we are in a unique position to discuss technical and code related issues with your local building department. Be it the plan checker or the building inspector we understand their language and needs. The resolution often comes through solutions that offer these building departments a way to both meet local regulations and allow you, the property owner, a means to achieve your needs as well.

Project Management and representation of Ownerproperty_owner_site

Too many companies and individual owners enter into a construction project be it new construction, remodel, repair, or restoration without the benefit of someone looking out for their interest. Even the best general contractors will tell you that having someone who understands construction, who is able to answer technical and procedural issues, is a time saving and therefore money saving decision. XL Services has represented owners in a variety of projects from the simple remodel to complex restoration. We take our job seriously in providing answers that will produce the best and most productive product at the right cost. It is our duty to represent you and your interest.