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Working with Attorneys on residential and commercial inspections, specializing in evaluation of Construction, Personal Injury, Insurance Claims & Real Estate Disclosure

Insurance Adjuster

Working with Insurance Adjusters in; Construction, Property and Casualty Claims, Cause, Origin and Duration, Subrogation Analysis, Insurance Appraisal and Field Investigation.

Property Owners

Researching and giving expert opinion regarding code compliance, safety issues, and installation of accessibility related items.

Construction Consulting & Forensics

Providing specific construction related problem solving solutions based on decades of experience. Our firm continues to perform onsite construction services as owner or contractor representatives.

Court Recognized Expert Witness

Xl Services has provided testimony as an expert witness in over 100 cases including: superior courts, federal court, and arbitration for plaintiffs and defendants since 1993.

Insurance Appraiser / Umpire

We provide damage assessment and cost to repair estimates to residential and multi-unit commercial structures by serving as the party appraiser and settled in all of those matters.

Personal Injury

We investigate all personal injury type claims where a person or persons were injured in construction site, building, sidewalk, parking lot, etc.

Real Estate Services

Answering questions to determine common disclosure issues; whether the lack of disclosure was from the Real Estate Agent, the Home Inspector, the Property Owner or the Termite Inspector.


Our Services include comprehensive testing, analysis and reporting. We research and give expert opinions regarding code compliance and safety issues